Julep Maven: July!

It’s sort of an odd thing, and definitely recent, but…I have a confession to make.

I ❤ Nail Polish. It’s true.

I love the endless possibilities, the subtle form of self-expression, and how for some (I haven’t quite managed it yet) nail painting really is an art form.

Anywhoo, since I’ve been working crazy overtime lately, I wanted to treat myself to something fun without making a huge financial commitment. I dunno…something around $20 a month? Maybe it’s crazy or wasteful, but when I saw that Julep had monthly memberships, I was totally interested. For $20 a month, I get two of their high-end, 4-free nail polishes along with some of spa-related gift, like pedicure cream or lip gloss, shipped to my house for no additional cost. All told, what I get is worth way more than $20 (according to their retail value, anyway), and it’s really nice stuff! No formaldehyde in my nail polish!

America, Kate, Daphne, and Mila

So this month, with colors in honor of our nation’s independence, I was sent three polishes (instead of two and a spa product), an additional glitter polish (free!), 3 fireball jawbreakers(fun!) and another coupon for a complimentary polish next month! 5 polishes (worth $14 each) for 20 bucks! There are four or five different style profiles to choose from, too, so you can get colors you want that are cute or funky or classic or sassy.  Eeeee! haha 🙂

The polish is so nice. You might think there isn’t much difference between one varnish and another, but all you have to do is compare Bonne Belle and OPI to know that isn’t true. Julep is even better. You should totally check it out. 🙂 If you sign up to be a Julep Maven through my referral, I could get a month freeeee! That would be the awesomest ever.

[/infomercial. 😀 ]