Let’s get this started right.

To be honest, I’m pretty awful at journaling regularly.

I used to be pretty fantastic at it—writing at length about my day’s experience, my feelings on various things (read: complaints and lengthy diatribes concerning the tragedy of my young life), and my hopes and prayers for the future. The best way to do it is find a journal with pretty paper and a pen that’s just a little more expensive than you might normally be willing to humor…because it feels good to have (and to use) nice things. Just a little incentive to keep at it.

That was before the internet, and being married.

It’s difficult to imagine a time before either of those things, really, but that’s really neither here, nor there. The point is, life has distracted me from doing the things I ought to be doing. I ought to be studying God’s word and writing down the things I learn from interacting with Him. It would help my faith—and yours, some say.

My life is different than it was back then, back when I was a high-schooler going through the motions of normal teenaged life. I’m able to recognize the significance of my daily experiences now, the weight they possess, how important they are. There’s potential in everything for my good if I can only make use of it.

So…there’s no fancy pen with comfort grip, nor exquisitely lined paper, leather bound.

It’s just me and a keyboard and my life.

Let’s see what happens, shall we?


2 thoughts on “Let’s get this started right.

  1. It is quite surreal to look back on your own life, even the short amount of years that you and I have been on this earth, and recognize how much you have grown without even trying. Being able to recognize your strengths, being able to apologize for your faults, being able to forgive yourself, and most of all being able to forgive others. As teenagers we can hardly see beyond our own noses, but that time in our life was a building brick to where we are now. Although none of us are perfect, we are who we are supposed to be 🙂 I look forward to reading your blog!

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